Our Services

Cowasaki Audio is primarily a valve amplifier builder although we do service and repair both our own amplifiers and those from the major amplifier manufacturers.

Bespoke Amplifiers
We usually make amplifiers to order.  This  means that you get the right amplifier for you.  We have a stock of ready made amplifiers that you can try and a selection of guitars or bring your own. Choose a head and cab, a combo or a head to match your cab.  Choose a style and discuss all the modifications and options that we can offer.
Email or ring and discuss the problem you are having.  We will agree a plan of action.  We usually offer a no repair no fee service.  If there is going to be a fee we will discuss this with you.  We will also discuss maximum cost.
Email or ring and discuss what you require.  We will taylor the service to your requirement.  We can do a simple clean of pots and sockets remove dust and lubricate and safety check at one end of the scale through to a full on valve amp service with replacement capacitors, tubes and full safety check.  We can also give you a full valve curve trace showing your valve's status.
Total rebuilds
Email or ring and discuss.  We can take your dead, poorly or unwanted head or combo and replace ALL the electrics with a total valve amp replacement.  We can also supply replacement speakers.   This example is a Fender Frontman 212R converted into a Princeton Reverb with two 12" Celestion V30 speakers, adjustable negative feedback, active FX loop (valve) and additional safety from all secondaries being fused individually.
Parts and tool supply
Email your list.  We can supply valves, capacitors, resistors and pretty much anything that goes into a valve amplifier.   We are launching a YouTube channel and will also be supplying kits to compliment those videos.  These kits will include:  Valve bias meter, valve tester and valve curve tracer.
You tube
We are shortly starting a YouTube channel specialising in building electronic lab tools and test equipment mainly relating to valve amplifiers.  We will also be building some valve amplifiers for you to watch.